7search+ CPA

Hello Friends,
I have recently started my journey of experimenting PPC networks.

Things i Did.

I opened a 7search.com advertiser account with a coupon code where i get equal amount of cash funded into my account. I added $50 and got $50 Bonus added to my account. So totally i got $100 for my test campaign.

I then contacted my AM of my two CPA N/ws for list of offers that are converting well with Search/ppc traffic for US.
Waited for 1 day and checked email. I found list of 5 top converting offers.

Choosed one offer to run campaign on it first. All were email submit offers for USA.

I liked their system very well as the campaign starts after i submit the offer right there. choosing keywords was a bit of hectic at first but later on got the flow of doing it perfectly. [*PS: Choice of Keywords is very important in any PPC campaign]. Well they have limit of adding keywords though.
I used google adword tool for adding keywords, but their tool was also brilliant coz it shows what is being searched on their network with CPC etc.

I tried and checked simultaneously different offers for sometime and paused and deleted the campaigns.
I had set my daily budget as $10 at beginning later set to $5

The amount I spent:




Well Conversion were pathetic once i started as suggested by few BHW members before.

But finally i managed to earn more than what i had invested.

Final Earnings are like this:

Adscendmedia : $27
Azoogle/epicdirect : $36.5

1. Low cpc of $0.05 available.
2. Easy tracking of conversions and instant sign up and approval of Advertiser account.
3. Easy to use and manage dashboard.
4. You can check what rank your ad is currently and adjust your cpc to gain higher ranks. easy real time bidding adjustments.
4. Have to test for dating offers once and see how is results.

1. Not targeted traffic as compared to other networks.
2. Poor conversion rate even for iphone4 and ipad offers.

PS: If you want to test this traffic then Please try out only email submit offers. For other like free 1page signup i doubt it will convert.