Ranking with Fiverr

I decided to make 1 big blog with all well-researched Keywords (easy-to-rank), I did, but then I chagned my mind about SEO and decided to try out Fiverr gigs, which work best, which don’t.

- Every Keyword has approx 1000+ Searches with $1+ CPC (some have under 1000, but worth doing)
- On-Page SEO is “OK” , I did not want to make it perfect
- KW Density is around 2%-3%
- All Keywords are researched by me, and easy-to-rank
- Articles do not have images in them
- All Articles are unique – 400 words – ordered from BHW Member
- I do NOT own any of the mentioned Fiverr gigs, and I am NOT affiliated with any of the mentioned Fiverr gigs.
- I use SerpBuddy to track the rankings

I have researched around 50 keywords which are easy-to-rank, and I have ordered articles for each, and I plan to make 1 big website (using WordPress).

Format: Global Monthly Searches – US Monthly Searches – CPC (US)

KW1: 8100 6600 $2.03
Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/lmaestro/25-high-p…comments-links

KW2: 1300 880 $3.04
Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/portron/create-a-3…cklink-pyramid

KW3: 1600 1000 $1.49
Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/topdown/create-a-s…u-link-pyramid

KW4: 1000 720 $2.78
Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/link_pyramid/creat…klinks-to-them

KW5: 1900 1300 $3.06
Fiverr: Seems to be an issue posting the link, will post up later.

KW6: 1000 590 $3.51
Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/crorkservice/creat…cial-bookmarks

KW7: 1000 720 $5.1
Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/dino_stark/build-e…gh-pr-profiles

KW8: 880 590 $3.52
Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/crorkservice/make-…rks-link-juice

KW9: 1000 720 $1.94
Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/bddomains/do-125-digg-for-your-site

KW10: 3600 2400 $3.92
Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/spenzo/create-ulti…klinks-to-them

I have a lot more articles, so if you want me to test out a certain FIVERR GIG, Please post the Fiverr Gig (Note: To avoid people putting their own gigs, the gig must have at least 20 sales) – Not All will be chosen.

I just posted these articles on my website today, so all of them are not yet in any position in Google (NOT Ranking)

I will update the SERPs when required.

Result: None of my sites are ranking even top 100…., Fiverr services are not to be used anymore.